To the misfits like me.

Important note- This piece isn’t targeted at the people who have life all figured out. It is for the misfits like me.

I remember wanting to grow up fast as a teenager – Break free from my parents and experience life as an adult.

Well, I got my wish. I grew into a fine responsible young adult.

(Pardon my vanity. I just really love to show myself off at any opportunity)

Has ‘adulting’ been easy? No!

Honestly, as a child, I thought adults had no worries, no fears, no challenges. In my opinion, the freedom they had was enough to cover any form of worries they had.

Growing up was such a shocker for me when I finally realized that Adulthood is a big scam! It’s just an imaginary pot of gold at the end of a shiny rainbow.

In my short adulthood, I’ve experienced my fair share of life; regrets, disappointments,love, you name it. And there are days I ask myself if they’re all worth it.

I’m very certain I’m not the only one who has actually gotten tired of being an adult. I’m sure that I’m not the only girl who has cried herself to sleep almost everyday in a given week asking herself ‘what’s next after this’?

I’m also sure I’m not the only one who pretends that it’s not morning yet and hides under her blanket secretly hoping that thunder strikes the earth and everything goes away.

I find it funny how there’s so much we battle with as adults and somehow find the boldness to cover everything up and pretend like everything is fine.

Today, I asked a question on my WhatsApp Status. ‘Who else is honestly tired of being an adult but is still holding on anyway’? About ten people responded before I deleted the question. The shocking part is that these people had been posting very happy posts all the while. Who would have suspected?

I think being an adult comes with extra resilience. It comes with the strength to handle more and I think adults don’t get all the accolades they deserve, especially parents. I mean, that class of adults are the super humans amongst us.

I got called to the Nigerian bar last week and I hate to admit that I was depressed afterwards. I know that I had just attained a great feat but the adult in me just saw myself as a part of the statistics of unemployed lawyers in Nigeria.

I knew that if I had talked to someone about it, I’d have been advised to count my blessings, or be grateful, or focus on another thing, but the adult in me couldn’t see all of that.

Frankly, I miss my child like wonder. I miss being able to live in the moment and forget all my worries. I miss being able to do anything just because.

Being an adult is hard and truthfully, I don’t think I’m ready for it, and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

I understand that there’s no going back but there’s also no shame in admitting that it’s a lot to deal with, and I think that’s the first step in moving on.

I don’t have guidelines on how to be an adult or any of those unrealistic ‘how-to’s’, but I know for sure that holding on and breathing makes all the difference.

I know that doesn’t sound like much sense but the truth is that no matter how we choose to see it, this life gets a lot easier in the long run.

These days, I just sit back and remember all the stress life has put me through and how I’m still here despite it all, and I think to myself, ‘If I survived all these years, the rest is piece of cake’.

So, to all the struggling young adults like me who don’t have it all figured out;

The ones who still cry themselves to sleep worrying about what life has to offer;

The ones who don’t have a reply whenever anybody asks ‘So What’s your plan for the future’;

The ones who have decided to live life one day at a time,

Someday, when we have it all figured out, I hope we get to sit at a special get- together and talk about all the days we wished the ground would open up and swallow us away.

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