You deserve this

I honestly think that as human beings, our first response to good things coming our way is to sabotage them because we have made ourselves believe that we deserve nothing good. This is something you intentionally have to reject because you are absolutely deserving of every good thing that comes your way.

To unending romance and back rubs

We spend most of our time fantasizing about our perfect partner without exactly factoring in our own side of the equation. You want a peaceful over- the-top romantic relationship with some excess serving of real communication, but you're the guy who gets angry and starts to rant because somebody changed the TV station  or you're the girl who has no clue whatsoever what active listening is, or your definition of romance is white singlet and boxers. Let me just end it there because I still want you to read  my blog in the future. But Wehdone Dear!

On Validation and acceptance❤

Like me, there are others out there who silently struggle with these things too and that's okay because it's not entirely your fault. I empathize with how unfair the scales were tilted on your side and I'm so sorry that you didn't hear all the words you needed to hear when you needed to hear them.


To a random person, its absurd to imagine having a tank full of joy when life throws its worst - laughing while walking through a fire, staying hopeful even when there are no more options, having a sound mind in the face of crisis. But hey, that's the life you've been called to live.

Cheers to the things that count 🥂

I believe that a lot of you reading this have a million things on your bucket list, but like me are so focused on attaining the things that life has imposed on us that we have forgotten to live for the things that matter to us. Here's a reminder that life is fickle. Live for the things that count

Darling, You are Enough!

I know as well as anybody else what it feels like when you scroll through the internet and see things that make you question your journey in life. This piece is written from a place of genuine concern, and I hope that in the end, you'll never forget that you're enough for yourself and that the demanding standards you see on Social Media are just illusions that you should never believe.

#My2018 – Folake Onasanya

Hey guys. So I was invited as a guest writer on Ozioma's blog last week. I wrote on four valuable lessons I learned this year. I'd love you to visit her blog, read, and leave your comments. Thank you. via  #My2018 - Folake Onasanya

To the misfits like me.

I'm very certain I'm not the only one who has actually gotten tired of being an adult. I'm sure that I'm not the only girl who has cried herself to sleep almost everyday in a given week asking herself 'what's next after this'?